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At Business Intelligence Services we provide project management services, along with the knowledge and applications to support your needs. With a number successfully completed projects in recent years including major banking system upgrades, deployment of web banking services, mobile banking apps and general ICT infrastructure deployment, we are confident we can deliver the right solution to you.

Business Intelligence Services is the sole authorised Australian based re-seller of  Kendo Manager Project Management Software. Kendo Manager (KM) is an on-premise or cloud based project management application.

Whether you need to run on-premise, cloud based, or third party project management operations, we can provide the tools and training to help. Or you can simply hand your project management needs to us and we will do the rest from our third party KM cloud based PM service.

As an authorized Kendo Manager re-seller we can assist you in the following areas of Project Management:

  • PM Application sales and licensing
  • On-premise Kendo Project Management App installation and configuration
  • Cloud based Kendo Project Management App subscription and management
  • On-site or remote PM Application installation and management Australia wide
  • Kendo Manager training and documentation
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

If you have other Project Management requirements please let us know and we will endeavour to address you needs promptly.

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If you have any questions regarding Kendo Manager, or are in need of a project management solution, feel free to contact us.