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Although less frequent these days, it is still not uncommon for busy organizations to have a less than effective data retention and recovery strategy. Add to this the potential for Hard drive and external storage device failure and your data can easily be at risk.

Data recovery services

Data recovery and data backup are important parts of running a business. Data recovery is the process involving restoration of corrupted, lost, accidentally deleted, or inaccessible data. Business Intelligence Services can help review, plan and implement a full data backup and recovery strategy, ensuring vital business data can always be restored in the event of hardware failure or virus attack. We also employ basic first and second level data recovery services that can often recover information from erased or damaged equipment. Whilst data recovery is not always possible it can be quite successful in some cases.

We can provide Data protection in the following areas:

  • Review and report on current ICT disaster recovery strategies
  • Review existing backup and recovery hardware and software
  • Advise on and develop a suitable data backup strategy aligned to your needs
  • Provide guidance on ICT disaster recovery planning, including IT infrastructure
  • Source and implement relevant data backup hardware and software
  • Manage data backup and recovery tasks as required

It is easy for any organisation to overlook the critical nature of their data when busy and under a great deal of operational pressure. Once lost data can be difficult if not impossible to recover. Feel free to call at any time for assistance with your backups.

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